Recollections of a Dung Beetle in the Footprint of the Buddha

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At age 17, Bo Colomby found his life turned upside-down with the loss of his mother to cancer. Shaken by her suffering and death, and the undoing of his belief in how the universe should be unfolding, he began to search for meaning. In the vibrant and tumultuos culture of the late 1960s Toronto, he was introduced to Buddhism.

After studying with various teachers, and travels through India and Japan, he became sure the Tibetan Buddha Dharma was the way for him. A Trip to Nepal in 1973 to meet with Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, one of the 20th Century´s greatest Buddhist meditation masters, began nearly of a master/diciple relationship.

In this memoir, Bo shares stories of events that are experiences of a simple disciple, a dung beetle, who (luckily) fell into the footprint of the Buddha.

L.W. (Bo) Colomby always considered his waterfront property at Cook Bay, Texada Island, a home and retreat at which to pursue his lifelong quest for the truth: meditating and studying the dynamic, ancient path of the Tibetan Buddha Dharma. Bo was a master Boat builder, a skill which allowed him to earn a living in Myanmar, building traditional teak boats, and to be near to his Dharma teachers at Katmandu, Nepal. Bo passed on in Nepal in 2019.

Paperback: 186 pages

Publisher: Works Publishing, Powell River, BC Canada, 2021

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